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How-To Find A Duct Cleaner A Step-By-Step Guide

A Step-By-Steps To Help You Decide When, Why And How To Hire Someone To Clean Your Ducts

Who does not want a clean house?! And who does not want clean air ducts?!!!

Clean air ducts simply enhance the quality of life somehow and it is not even an exaggeration.  Although it may not pose a major health hazard predominantly but there are still plenty of reasons for them to be cleaned on a routine basis. Where to start can be a challenge to homeowners with so many opinions and rumors surrounding the service.   We broke it down to super simple steps to help you decide what to do.

Here are the steps you should take before you decide to turn in that coupon for a $49.00 duct cleaning.

Step 1: Decide if you should clean your ducts

Ducts should be routinely cleaned because:

  • They may be house to rodents and other unwanted vermin that may find a refuge in them. Such species look for dark and dirty places to build their abode and you do not want them in yours for sure
  • It enhances the indoor air quality. Dirty vents can be a source of irritants for people with breathing problems or allergies
  • Saves you energy! Up to 40% in heating and cooling systems is wasted due to filthy ducts alone. This is because the efficiency of the system deteriorates and it needs to run more to produce the same amount of heating or cooling temperatures.

Step 2: How bad is it?

When you realize that your air ducts need cleaning, you should first make an inspection in and around the ductsto identify what actually caused the ducts to get dirty. If it is simply dust, then a simple duct cleaning by a professional duct cleaner will take care of it.  However, if it is mold, then the reasons for the ducts to get mold should be eliminated before you get to cleaning your ducts out. This is because, if the reasons persist, your ducts will bound to get moldy again and that too in no time. Check the cause, by hiring a hygienist to determine the severity and what to do next.

Step 3: Research

If your ducts are dirty and have any bio growth , then you would need to call in service providers to do the cleaning. This is due to the fact that the growth may in fact not be mold at all, and has to be tested beforehand. Secondly, some ducts may be moldy in places not visible to the naked eye, and might need a more thorough inspection.  Hire a company that does a microbial test and camera inspection to cover all your bases.

Step 4: More Research

When hiring, make sure you check the duct cleaners out before you allow them anywhere near your ducts. Simply for the same reason, you should do a thorough background check on any person who works in your home on any given project. A botched up job is worse than just a dirty duct.You can let one linger a while longer, the former needs instant attention – AGAIN! Not all vendors that provide duct cleaning service are licensed to service HVAC equipment.  You will want to make sure you get your blower assembly, motors and coils cleaned too.

Step 5: Did We Mention Research?

Do not blindly agree to let service providers using chemicals and sealantsin your duct for whatever reason they give you. It may sound more “professional” and them doing a more thorough job, but it is good to do your own research about which products are being used and why.Check for any side effects and potential health hazards before you give them a go ahead, if at all.

Everyone wants the  comfort of clean indoor air. They want to make sure their home is clean and their indoor air safe.  It can be overwhelming with all the special offers and scams concerning duct cleanings. But, don’t let anyone scare you into, or out of, doing something that will improve the quality of life for you and your family.  The choice is yours, hopefully, we helped you in the decision-making process.

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