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Loyalty Rewards

Introducing Nice Loyalty Rewards

It feels nice to earn one point for every dollar you spend on any Nice Heating & Air service or equipment.

This amounts to 5% back on every purchase. Points never expire, and you can use them anytime. There is no paperwork or complicated process to redeem your points.

How it Works

Here is an example of how it works:

You purchase a new water heater for $3209 and earn 3209 points. Redemption value equals $160.45.

You spend $353 on a heating repair and earn 353 points. Redemption value equals $17.65.

You would have a total of 3563 points in your account or a redemption value of $178.10 that can be applied to the invoice of a future service or purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Nice Loyalty Rewards Program

One point equals 5 cents. Every 20 points equal $1 when redeemed at Nice Heating & Air toward eligible purchases.

Cozy Club members earn points on every purchase they make with Nice, including their monthly membership cost.

Currently, your technician or our customer care team can tell you your points balance. In the future, points balance will be viewable in the customer portal.

You can use your points toward any purchase. This includes repairs, cleaning, maintenance, or indoor air quality products.



Currently, you may not use points toward the Cozy Club membership costs.

When you purchase a service or product from a Nice technician and decide to use your points, we will use all of your points on file by adding them to the invoice as an item that will reduce the purchase amount.



No, your points do not expire.

Yes, you can send points to a friend. Please email requesting your points to be transferred.


Yes, you can! There are no limitations to using points, gift certificates, discounts, or special offers.


Your points are automatically added to your account within seven days of your service.

You can use your points on your next service with a technician.

No, you must use your points at the time of purchase. We cannot issue a refund and apply points after you complete the purchase.

Points are non-refundable. Purchases made with points do not qualify for refunds.

There is no minimum requirement. However, you must use all of your accumulated points in a single purchase. You cannot use a portion of your points.

Yes, you must use your points in full. When you opt to use your points, you will use the total amount of points, and no balance will remain after you use them for a purchase.

No, there is no minimum purchase required.

No, you cannot use points for online shopping.

No, you can keep accumulating points and stacking them until you are ready to redeem.

No, points have no dollar value and cannot be redeemed as cash.