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Frequently Asked Questions

One thing is for sure, you don’t want to spend all day waiting around your house for a technician to show up! We feel you. That’s why Nice Heating & Air offers an app that will give you real-time updates after our qualified technician has been dispatched to your home.

Unlike other heating and cooling service providers, Nice Heating & Air maintains a large inventory of standard model parts for repair.  Whether your furnace or air conditioner is broken, we same-day-dispatch our qualified technician to restore comfort to your home with the parts needed to get your HVAC up and running again.


In the event, you have a furnace or AC model that we don’t stock parts for, we will order them right away for you with a 1- to 3-day average delivery.  Rest assured, we do everything we can and more to make sure we get your HVAC repaired and operational in the shortest time possible. 

You see, many HVAC providers in Springfield use subcontracted technicians.  We’re family-owned and -operated, and we are not okay with sending someone we don’t know and trust in the homes of our customers.  


Each technician dispatched for HVAC repair or replacement is an employee of Nice Heating & Air.  We carefully select our team from the most qualified professionals in our area.  They are background checked and must submit to drug screening and other security measures to ensure quality service and safety for every customer. 


Because we care about your safety, our customers are also provided with a picture and a profile of the technician who will be servicing their home.  You’ll know exactly who is coming to the door…and that matters to us.  It’s one more way Nice Heating & Air goes the extra mile to provide HVAC services you can trust.

Nice Heating & Air offers a 30-day warranty on parts and labor, for COD (payment on delivery) customers.  


We also provide a convenient and affordable plan that provides a lifetime warranty on your HVAC services. This is a popular and cost-saving option for homeowners as well as commercial businesses, and rental property owners in Springfield.

For HVAC repair or replacement services payment is due upon completion of the work from our technicians.  There are no surprises, however, and our integrity service approach means that homeowners get an accurate estimate for the work. 


One of our qualified technicians will be dispatched to your home, to complete a diagnostic of your heating or cooling system.  You will receive a written quote that includes all parts and labor required, as well as our warranty disclosure for our work. 


Payment is due on the day that your HVAC services are provided and completed.  For longer-term projects, such as attic insulation or drywall repair, a ⅓ down payment of the service is required with the balance due upon completion by our team at Nice Heating & Air.   We accept major credit cards and cheques from our customers.

Each one of our technicians at Nice Heating & Air is an employee.  They undergo service training in addition to their technical repair experience and each one wears a badge and a uniform from our company.


We want our customers to know that your safety comes first. That’s why we provide a profile and a picture of our technician to you before they are dispatched to your home.  You’ll know exactly what they look like and be able to read many reviews of that technician and their customer service history.  


What can you expect from a Nice Heating & Air HVAC technician? They are polite, professional, and clean-cut, respectful, and focused on diagnosing the issue and getting your heating or cooling issue resolved as quickly as possible.  Service, safety, and quality work are our top priorities for every customer we serve.

While homeowners expect that older houses may have energy loss through the attic, some new homes can be just as susceptible. Did your builder cut costs by putting the absolute minimum insulation in your attic?  


Energy loss from the attic can increase your heating and cooling costs.  Did you know about 25% of heating and cooling can escape from a poorly insulated attic? And about 35% of energy is lost through poorly insulated windows and exterior walls. That’s up to 60% loss because of bad insulation. What would you do, if you could reduce your heating and cooling costs by 40% or more? That’s a huge saving!


Nice Heating & Air offers drywall replacement and repair, and attic insulation services to help you restore heating and cooling comfort and reduce your energy costs.  Every month, you’ll see the difference in your energy bills.  Contact us for a free estimate. 

When you hire Nice Heating & Air for your heating and cooling repair or replacement, you are choosing qualified, reliable and professional technicians. Every member of our team is thoroughly trained to provide safe, and reliable services.  


However, if on the very rare circumstance that something should become damaged as part of our service call to your home, we’ve got you covered with commercial liability insurance up to $2 million.  


We are a Class-A rated HVAC company your family can trust for reliable, competitively priced heating and cooling repair, gas-fireplace installation, and insulation services. We’ve built a reputation on quality work for our customers, and a member in good standing of the Heating Plumbing Cooling Contractors Association®.

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