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How To Access The Customer Portal

We provide our customers with a content portal where they can perform easy tasks such as pay invoices, view their currently active memberships, view their past services or schedule a new appointment. Accessing the customer portal is fast and easy.

How do I login?

Head over to to login to your account, and login with your username and password.

I enter my username and password, but am unable to click the login button!

There is a minimum character criteria for the password. If the button stays grey, it means your password does not fulfil the minimum requirements, and thus is most likely not the right password.

I forgot my password!

Please do a password reset request by clicking “Forgot password” on the login page, or click here.

I try to use the "Forgot password" function, but I get the following error: "Email not sent"!

This error signifies that that e-mail is not registered for the online portal, or that the e-mail has been changed on our side. Please either try to use the “Request an invitation” link (Click here) or Contact Us so that we can verify your e-mail does match with what we have on file.

I try to request an invitation, and I get an error that says to contact the office!

That means the e-mail you entered does not match with what we have on file for your account. Contact us and we can easily remedy this for you.