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Fast And Easy Gas Fireplace Conversion

Gas fireplaces are kind of scary. They’re big, they look complicated, the word ‘gas’ seems to imply danger. If that’s the only thing putting you off investing in one, however, there’s no need to panic. The process of buying and installing gas fireplace can actually be incredibly simple and extremely rewarding. Here’s a simple guide to starting the processes , and show you how to achieve a fast and easy gas fireplace conversion. You will learn the basics on:

  • Where to place your gas fireplace
  • Makeing sure it’s vented properly
  • Choosing the right log set

Step 1 decide on placement

Before you can properly begin, you’ll have to position your fireplace exactly where you want it. From there, you should install exhaust piping either on top, or at the back of the fire’s stove. Obviously it’s vital that the gas is given a straight forward method to escape, or you’re going to have a worrying, potentially destructive build up.

Happily, this is something you could possibly do yourself if you’re confident enough in your D.I.Y ability to get it done, although in reality you might just want to bring in a professional.

The important thing is that your gas fireplace is well vented, and has a durable and well fitted exhaust pipe.

Step 2 Run a new gas line

It is highly likely that you will have to run a new gas line, and unfortunately even the most enthusiastic D.I.Y aficionado isn’t going to be able to take on this challenge themselves. You will need to find a licensed contractor with the appropriate qualifications to do this for you; attempting it yourself puts you at risk of performing a botched or dangerous job.

Running a new gas line is vital for the gas fireplace to work, so for entirely pragmatic reasons, you should get to Google, find a company with a good reputation, and bring them in to get the job done.

Step 2 install stone surrond

From there, it’s just a matter of ensuring the gas fireplace looks nice. On its own it’s a bit of an eyesore; the actual fire looks delightful and inviting, but surrounding it is an ugly, black box. The best solution is to situate that black box within tasteful stone panelling. It’s ultra fashionable and will make this area of your house look crisp and modern.

It’s surprising how much nicer it makes the fireplace look as well, and there’s a nice contrast between the modernity of the stone surround and the nostalgic look of the fire crackling away and keeping everyone toasty warm.

Step 4 enjoy!

With all of that done, all that’s left is to enjoy! And there really is lots to enjoy about a gas fireplace, from its sleek looks to the wonderful job it does of keeping you and your whole home lovely and warm. In the modern  day, the gas fireplace is the best method of heating your home, and hopefully with the help of this guide. Here are some key questions you want to think about before starting:

  • Do you have the space?
  • Do you have a gas line?
  • Room for venting?
  • What kind of gas log set will fit your home?

We can help you answer these questions with a free visit from one of our gas fireplace experts.  If you are ready to get started click to schedule your free appointment.

Congratulations! What a lovely gas fireplace.

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