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Dangers Of Firewood… Get A Gas Log Fireplace

So, at one time you considered installing a gas log fireplace but balked when you saw the price. You have been known to be rather frugal when it comes to parting ways with your money. You might be happy with your wood burning fireplace, except for the work involved with chopping wood. Speaking of firewood, that stuff can cause some problems.

  • Danger #1 chopping wood

The obvious danger of firewood is in the cutting process. All it takes is one slip of the ax, and you could find yourself on the ground looking for a severed toe, finger or whatever. And if you don’t wear safety goggles, you risk losing an eye from a wayward chunk of timber. Gas log fireplaces don’t have any of the risks of chopping wood.

  • Danger #2 bugs

There is a chance that the firewood you purchased came from a tree infested with any number of nastiness. Your firewood could be full of bugs like wood wasps, pine beetles or gypsy moths, none of which you want to deal with. You could also receive wood from a diseased tree, Beech bark disease and Dutch elm disease come to mind.

  • Danger #3 finding the wood

Perhaps you chop your own trees down for your firewood, then take this into consideration. In your journey to discover the perfect tree to fell, you are at risk of exposing yourself to ticks, poison plants and even wildlife. That is quite a risk considering you could be at home enjoying your gas log fireplace.

Look, chopping wood is dangerous and buying wood is expensive, but there is an easier way. Enjoy the wonders of a fireplace without the hassle of dealing with firewood by having a gas fireplace installed. Upgrade your home, for gas log fireplace installation and repairs, give us a call or get a free consult now.

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