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3 Quick Fireplaces You Can Enjoy Now

As you are quite aware, real fireplaces that burn real wood make quite the mess and pollutes the air. These are a few reasons you should opt for a gas log fireplace.

We recommend you pull the trigger and hire us for your Gas Log Fireplace Installation and Repairs.

But for those homeowners in the Springfield Va who do not have the means to have a gas log fireplace installed, here are a few alternatives.

Ambiance Channels

Most cable providers and satellite dish companies carry fireplace channels. We are sure you have seen them, channels where all you see is a fireplace complete with a full, warm fire, they even add sound to make it seem more realistic.

The drawback is you really won’t feel any warmer, as it is merely a picture of a fireplace.

Another disadvantage is why watch a fire on your television when there are so many programs that offer so much more, like a football game or a movie.

DIY Faux Fireplace

If your are feeling handy, and you know how to properly use that set of tools, then you could always build your own fireplace. Now, we aren’t talking a real fireplace, just something that kind of looks like a fireplace….sort of.

We found a great resource for this type of project. As you can see, you can make a fireplace from an old dresser, plant pillars or cardboard, and they are all equally cheesy.

Youtube yule log

We found the best yule log you can burn to help add ambiance and the charm of a wood burning fireplace to any room, anywhere.  Grab your favorite book and get ready to curl up under a blanket, this video last 3 hours

Easy Gas Fireplace Conversion the Lazy Man’s Way

Look, leave the television for programs and ditch the cardboard fireplace. Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere that a gas fireplace provides.

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