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How To Tell If Your Gas Furnace Needs Replaced?

Are you aware of the warning signs that indicate your gas furnace needs replaced? This is critical information that will keep your family safe as well as warm this winter. It will also keep more money in your pocketbook in the long run as a poor running gas furnace in your home is an inefficient furnace costing you money in energy bills. Here are some of the warning signs:

  • Not heating
  • Furnace over 10 years old
  • Some rooms are hotter, and others are colder
  • Popping, cracking, rattling noises

The first thing you will want to do is determine just how old your Gas Furnace is. The life expectancy of a Gas Furnace today is about 10 years, if yours fall into this category you may want to consider replacing it.

Even if you think it is running quite well, it is more than likely sucking you dry in energy costs, something to take into consideration.

As your gas furnace ages, you will need to increasingly replace worn or broken parts, just like you do on your high-mileage car. If you are suffering numerous furnace breakdowns, it could be a sign it needs replaced.

If you stare at the thermometer in your home and wonder why you feel so cold, it could be because your heater is lacking the ability to properly distribute the air. If your home suffers rooms that are too hot or too cold, you should consider replacing your furnace.

If you wake in the middle of the night to strange noises coming from your Gas Furnace, you guessed it, it could be time to have it replaced. That rattling, squeaking and popping noises are indications that something isn’t right with your furnace. It could be your furnace’s death knell.

If you notice any of these red flags, best give us a call before winter sets in.

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