Easy Gas Fireplace Conversion The Lazy Man’s Way

Gas Fireplace Conversion is a lot easier nowadays, the price is also more reasonable than ever.  The gas fireplace offers the efficiency of owning a warm and comforting fire without waiting for the woods to burn.

When it is time for you to hit the bed, you should do nothing more than to click the off button and the fire will instantly goes out.  Here is how to get yours. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 DONE:

  • Get a free consultation
  • Apply for easy financing
  • Have unit installed
  • Enjoy!

With the convenience it brings, it is not surprising that more and more owners are shifting to Gas Fireplace.  However, in case the installation process is too complicated for you.  Here is a better way to do it. Let the pros handle it for you.

1. First step call us for a free consultation

With an established name in the field of gas fireplace conversion, we have a line of experts that can efficiently install your new gas fireplace.  You may call us directly to ask for a free consultation and free quote estimation.  During the consultation, we will carefully inspect your brick chimney and make sure that it is in good condition.  You will also be presented with different options for your gas fireplace such as the Ventless and the Direct Vent gas Fireplace.  We will carefully explain every matter surrounding the conversion and will offer you with an estimated quote that has no hidden charges.

2. Step two apply for easy financing

In the event that the estimated quote does not met your current budget, do not fret as we also offer financing which will let you have that gas fireplace conversion in an instant.  You may be thinking about the cost that you may be paying for upgrading, but you also need to consider the cost that you are incurring when you are not upgrading.  Remember that the furnace account for 40% of your utility bill and installing it with our financing can save you a lot of money.

3. Step three have unit installed

Once you have the enough funding in your hand, our expertly trained technician can immediately execute your gas fireplace conversion.  We have different units that may interest you, and all of them are releasing a comfortable fire.  Our Direct Vent is the most popular type of gas fireplace.  It is created from a fabricated metal with a sealed glass in front of the fireplace.  The ventless system releases a gas similar to the firewood and can be installed in different parts of the house.

4. Step four enjoy it

Finally, you will be able to enjoy your new gas fireplace.  It will not only give you a warm place to stay, but it will also amplify the aesthetic appeal of your interior design.  Our group of designer makes sure that your gas fireplace will complement the design of your house.

Pick-up your phone right now and call us, we will be willing to provide you with more information about the gas fireplace conversion that we offer.  For the super lazy click here to contact us and we will call you.

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