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Reasons To Get A Gas Fireplace Inspection

Due to the buildup of soot and creosote, it is rather obvious why wood-burning fireplaces need annual cleanings. On the other hand, gas fireplaces burn neat and clean, leaving homeowners to think the gas fireplace inspection is therefore unnecessary.

This, however, is far from the truth. While gas fireplaces offer convenience and hold a rather low maintenance factor, several potential problems can occur, which if not attended can pose a danger.

This is reason enough to give your Northern Virginia gas fireplace inspection repair and installation company a call.

Over time, gas fireplaces will have a buildup of debris.

For instance, the ceramic logs utilized in log fireplaces deteriorate and can clog vents.

Chimneys that have cracks or are in otherwise poor condition open the possibility of moisture entering the system.

When this occurs, there is the chance that flue tiles break off and fall into the hearth.

You never want to take for granted that your gas fireplace is properly functioning.

Over time, valves as well as other connections could develop leaks.

Thermocouples and other components become worn and need to be replaced if not simply cleaned annually.

Also, your ceramic logs should be inspected to ensure they are functioning properly.

And then there are those problems that crop up that are totally unexpected.

For example, birds might be getting into your chimney and build nests that lead to the blockage of proper ventilation.

This could lead to the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don’t place this unnecessary risk on your family schedule below now!

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