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How HVAC Works


Comfort Sync is a communicating thermostat that establishes a connection between all the different system components. That means each unit is being constantly monitoring to optimize the overall system performance and deliver greater efficiency, comfort and savings.


Before you sit down with your dealer, learn the difference between single- and two-stage cooling, and the advantages each one can offer to your comfort or efficiency.


In warmer climates, your dealer may recommend an electric heat pump, because it can keep you cool all summer and warm through the winter. See if it’s right for you.


Learn the differences between a single-stage furnace, a two-stage furnace and a two-stage furnace with a variable-speed blower. This way, you’ll know the advantages to each when you sit down with your dealer.


When your dealer installs an electric heat pump and a gas furnace together, it creates a dual-fuel system. This allows you to stay incredibly efficient using a combination of gas and electricity.


Ducts are located within the wall, floor or ceiling and are used to deliver heated or conditioned air through your home. Having the correct network of ducts is critical to system efficiency and performance.

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