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5 Great Reasons To Get A Gas Log Fireplace Installed


With temperatures dropping below freezing throughout the winter on a regular basis, there needs to be a way to welcome warmth into your home, other than running your furnace. Getting a Gas log fireplace is worth the investment.  The benefits out way the sometimes high price tag. Some quick pros to consider:

  • Increase your homes value
  • Add appeal to any room
  • Make the room more comfortable and cozy
  • Inexpensive to run in the winter

And here is why having a gas log fireplace installed in your home will benefit you now and far into the future:

  • A fireplace in your home will not only add value to your home, but if you end up selling your home, it will be more desirable to a buyer. Our gas log fireplaces have been known to increase the value of your home by 6-12%.
  • Gas log fireplaces don’t break the bank as much as you may be thinking. For the type of transformation that your home will undergo, one of our fireplaces will be worth it. You’ll be able to make the theatrical transformation in one of your rooms just by adding one of our fireplaces.
  • When you add one of our gas log fireplaces to your home, you will be changing the environment to be warm and cozy; your whole family will feel the impact and love it.
  • Back on the topic gas log fireplaces not breaking the bank, they actually tend to pay for themselves soon after you buy them, especially if you sell your home. Appraisers love to see gas fireplaces in homes and yours is no exceptions.
  • Saving money is a fan favorite! They are inexpensive to run throughout the cold winter days and usually cost about 20 cents per hour to keep cozy.

You can save money on your heating, and gas bills by installing a gas log fireplace. With a Gas Log Fireplace Installed, you can add many great features to your home and even earn value to your home in the process.


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