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Duct Cleaning, Is It Important?

Duct Cleaning Or The Ductwork Of Our House Isn’t Something That We Think About Often

Duct cleaning certainly isn’t high on the list of regular maintenance and cleaning. And while it doesn’t need to be done often, cleaning your ducts out regularly is a good idea.Dust builds up in your ducts over time, just like it does everywhere. Over a long period of time, this buildup can become severe enough to affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment.

Your furnace especially will suffer in the supply air ducts become dirty enough to significantly impact the amount of air that it is receiving. It’s true that such extreme buildup is uncommon, but here are a few signs to watch for that may indicate it’s time to get a duct cleaning:

  • If you see a puff of dust come out of the vent every time your furnace kicks on, it’s time to clean your ducts
  • If an odd smell is coming from your vents, this may be dust and other debris burning from the hot air. Duct cleaning will eliminate the odor.
  • If you or someone in your home is suffering from unexplained allergies or breathing problems, this may be due to excess dust in the air blown there by your air ducts.

Winter is the time of year that we need to be especially aware of our indoor air quality. Because our homes are often sealed tightly in the colder weather to keep our heating bills lower, the same air is cycled through the system again and again. Your ducts are one place that is often overlooked as a source of dust in your home. Cleaning them out will help keep the air throughout your home clean and improve the air quality.

Because ducts are an out of the way place in your home, they are the perfect habitat for pets like mice and other rodents. If you have had a recent infestation in your home, consider getting your ducts cleaned. Every little bit helps when attempting to avoid a re-infestation.

Right after home renovations is another time to think about your ducts. If possible, vents should be covered and sealed before any renovations are begun. If that isn’t possible, or if it’s simply too late for you to think about it, you might want to have them cleaned.

Home construction projects of almost every kind generate a lot of dust. It’s easy enough to sweep up what is lying on your floor when the work is completed, but much of that dust could be lying undetected in your ducts. Small bits of debris could also have fallen down the ducts, which need to be removed.

Cleaning your furnace ducts is certainly not something that needs to be done as often as other regular home maintenance, but it is not something that should be neglected either. If any of the above scenarios apply to your home, call us now and ask about our complete duct cleaning service.

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