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What You Need To Know About The Cost Of Refrigerant Loss And Air Conditioning

That’s a great question. The answer is: It depends.

Depends on what?

Well, it depends on what type of refrigerant and how much of it you need.

Actually, there’s a different question you should ask:

Why am I adding refrigerant in the first place?

That is a really important question, my friends, and the answer will tell you a lot.

Do you need to add refrigerant every so often to your system just to top it off?

Or, is the real problem that you have an air conditioning system that is running at low efficiency, and producing little benefit for the cost?

If you are, let me advise you, this is not a normal situation. An air conditioning system is very much like the refrigerator you have in your kitchen. When’s the last time you had to have someone add refrigerant to that? Probably never.  If you need to add refrigerant to your air conditioning system, it means you’ve got a leak. If you have a leak, you need to get it fixed or the system will never work properly.

Air conditioners are sealed systems with components that are manufactured in a contained environment in a factory.

When a system is installed in the field, it is vulnerable to the elements.  Leaks develop when the system is installed, or they develop over time, and these can cost you thousands of dollars in efficiency, since your system never runs at its peak level.

So, what happens is you keep adding refrigerant, but the problem never goes away. Plus, as refrigerant is being phased out, it becomes more and more expensive.

The cost of freon refrigerant is at an all-time high this year. It’s more than four times as expensive as it was last year. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it’s not wise to keep adding this liquid gold that’s evaporating into the atmosphere.

What to do? Simple. Let us find the leak, repair it, test the system to make sure there are no other leaks, and re-fill the system so you can have the comfort you deserve.

If the cost is too much to bear, which is usually the case with older equipment, it may be time to look at an upgrade.

Sure, it’s no fun to shell out thousands of dollars for a furnace and air conditioning system that wasn’t in your budget, but these systems keep your family comfortable and make your home livable.

Imagine life without central air – it’s pretty grim, isn’t it?

Let us help you get the best for your air conditioning dollar.

What questions do you have? If you need any help, Master Craig is here for you, any time, any day.

Just hit me up in the comment section below. Thanks!

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