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3 Simple Steps For Fireplace Safety

Gas-fueled fireplaces are becoming more common in homes across America. With that warmth, some gas fireplaces installed before January 1, 2015, come with a risk of burn. Having no warning labels or a barrier to prevent touching the glass. To minimize the chance of burns from hot glass, follow these safety tips.

The gas fireplace is a convenient and easy way to warm up any room of your house without having to turn on the homes heating system.  This saves money on your heating bill by adding warmth where you need and when you need it:

  • Supervise children never leave children or pets unattended near an operating gas fireplace or one that has recently been turned off. The glass on a gas fireplace can take an hour or more to cool down.
  • Keep the remote control out of reach of children. The HBPA also recommends having a gas fireplace specialist install a switch lock to prevent children from accidentally turning it on.
  • Always wait for the appliance and glass to cool down before getting too close to it. Some gas fireplaces and inserts are regulated by a thermostat turning it on and off automatically. Always assume the glass is hot.

According to the HPBA (Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association) recently reported that 61% of people in the united states own a fireplace and 37% of those are fueled by gas. 14% of homeowners own a gas insert heating appliance.

Gas fireplaces manufactured after and installed after January 1, 2015, are required to have a barrier if the glass temperature exceeds 172 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is important to inform everyone in the home or visiting on how to be safe around your gas fireplace.

Download the printable fireplace safety tip sheet for use in your home, office or rental property.

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