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Ron Parker

Ron Parker

Install Technician


Introducing Ron, our Install Technician at Nice Heating & Air. Since starting his career in 2018, Ron has been dedicated to delivering exceptional installation services. With a technical background and a commitment to excellence, Ron takes pride in providing top-notch HVAC solutions.

Originally from Ahoskie, North Carolina, Ron is the only son in his family, with two sisters. He is also a proud father to a three-year-old son. Outside of work, Ron enjoys pursuing various hobbies and interests, including cutting hair, shooting pool, and exploring art galleries. He has a thirst for knowledge and is always eager to expand his understanding of the world.

Ron holds EPA Type 1, 2, and 3 certifications, demonstrating his commitment to staying up-to-date in the industry. His dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous learning make him a valuable asset to our team.

With Ron’s technical expertise, passion for his work, and dedication to providing exceptional service, he is well-equipped to handle all your HVAC installation needs. Whether you require installations or have any related inquiries, Ron is here to ensure your satisfaction.