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Have You Scheduled Your Furnace Tune-Up, Yet?

Every fall, around this time, you no doubt have a mailbox full of post card and letters from different gas and furnace contractors reminding you to schedule your annual furnace tune-up.

They are all correct you know. But why? The reason you get these flyers is because it is critical you have your furnace serviced at least once a year.  However, what these companies fail to do is give you the reasons you need to have your furnace looked at before the snow hits the ground.

Well, we can certainly give you plenty of reasons to call for your appointment today.

Last year we were all happily working at our offices getting ready to go home when the first snow storm hit.  The roads were a mess and it seemed that everything shut down.

Imagine, if you came home and your heat was not working that evening? It would of been next to impossible to get anyone out to fix it that night or even for the coming days.

We were all so snowed in!  Once the roads were cleared, you still had to make sure driveways and private drives were clear enough to get a service vehicle to your home.

So, besides,freezing with no help in sight, what else do you have to loose by NOT getting it done? Short list of what happens when you do not have your furnace serviced:

  • You spend more money on heat when it is not working properly
  • It could be dangerous, ecspecially gas furnaces
  • You never know WHEN it will break
  • Much more

Here Are The “Pros” Of Having Your Furnace Serviced

  • Reason #1 Saves you money

During your tune-up, our heating technician will ensure your system is receiving proper airflow. Limited and otherwise restricted airflow places unnecessary strain on your HVAC system, resulting in higher energy costs as well as a shortened life span.

  • Reason #2 keeps you safe

In order to produce the heat that warms your home, furnaces need to burn fuel. This combustion process must remain precise to maintain efficiency as well as safety. Even a minor problem can result in a gas leak that can turn dangerous if not deadly.

  • Reason #3 prevent break down

We will, no doubt, field many phone calls this winter from people suffering issues with their furnaces that could have been prevented. Not only will a tune-up ensure your furnace is properly running, it will help discover small problems that can be fixed before they turn into large and expensive problems in the future.

As you are enjoying the waning days of warmer weather, keep in mind that soon snow and cold will be the norm.  Make sure your furnace is ready, to keep you warm this winter.

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