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Why We Love Gas Fireplaces (And You Should, too!)

If you are considering have a gas fireplace installed in your home or you already have one and you are just not sure about whether or not you should be using it, we’re here to tell you all about the benefits of gas fireplaces! These fireplaces are more convenient and easier to use than any other type of fireplace and they can actually save you money on your gas bill. Here’s what you need to know about why we love gas fireplaces and why you should love them, too:

Why are we in love?

  • Cozy warmth
  • Save on the gas bill
  • So Convenient

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Cozy Warmth

The biggest benefit of any type of fireplace is the warmth that they provide to your home. There is nothing better than curling up in front of a fireplace, whether you have been out in the cold and want to warm up quickly or whether you just want to add some cozy warmth to your room.

It’s the perfect place to read or to sip a cup of warm cider or hot chocolate and can help create a welcoming or even romantic atmosphere in a room. A gas fireplace is just as successful at providing this warmth and ambiance as any other fireplace, and because it is so much easier to light and to maintain, it is the better option.

Many people simply run cold and the standard furnace in their home is not enough to keep them warm. Others prefer to switch off the furnace and just use their gas fireplace, warming only the room they are in, instead of paying to heat the entire house. No matter what you use it for, there is no denying that a gas fireplace can quickly fill its area with warmth. It’s the ideal place to sit in the winter, enjoying the company of your family and friends.

  • Save on Gas Bill

Can a gas fireplace actually help you save on your gas bill? Yes! Especially if you use your gas fireplace instead of your furnace to heat your home, you will be paying less to heat your home during the winter. Today’s gas fireplaces are designed to be more fuel-efficient than ever before and they are also much safer than they ever have been before. If you have been surprised by high gas bills in previous cold seasons, a gas fireplace could help to reduce some of those bills.

While you should still keep the rest of your home warm enough to avoid bursting the pipes in the walls of your home, a gas fireplace can be the more efficient way to heat up a room, without cranking the furnace up (which also makes it a good way to prolong the life of your furnace).

  • So Convenient

There are lots of reasons to love wood-burning fireplaces, but it is hard to deny that they are inconvenient. They require a great deal of preparation, just to get the wood and the fire-starters that you need to light a fire and then they require maintenance in order to keep that fire burning for more than an hour or so.

All of this work, just to heat up a room, might simply seem like too much. Most people will prefer just to turn on the furnace and not worry about the fire. A gas fireplace, however, is so much easier to light and does not require you to continually get up from your chair or couch to make sure that it is still burning or to add more fuel to the fire.

Instead, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your warm, crackling fire.

You do not have to go out and chop wood or buy wood from a provider. You can light your fire without having to worry at all about chopping down a tree, and the heat is much more consistent. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace that will provide you with a lot of heat when the fire has first been lit, and then much less heat as the fire dies down, your gas fire will not die down until you turn it down or turn it off.

  • No Clean-Up

One of the biggest benefits of a gas fireplace is that there is absolutely no cleanup.

When you have a wood-burning fireplace, there are ashes, sparks, and smoldering wood that you have to worry about when you want to douse your fire. This means at least fifteen minutes of cleanup, just to have a fire. And you have to be very careful about making sure the fire is entirely out before you walk away.

If a spark pops off of a smoldering piece of wood and leaps onto your carpet, you could have a dangerous situation on your hands. With a gas fireplace, all you have to do is switch it off. There are no ashes to sweep up and you do not have to wait around and continually stir the fire to make sure that there are no glowing embers left. A gas fireplace makes having a fire anytime you want (and being done with the fire anytime you want) simple and easy.

Still not sure? Don’t take our word for it read more about the best fit for your home from the National Hearth and Barbecue Association.

If you are in Springfield, Va and looking for a gas fireplace (or the surrounding area) schedule a free assessment with a design expert to do a cost-benefit analysis with you.

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