What To Do Immediately When Your Beautiful Gas Fireplace Won’t Light

What do you do when your gas fireplace won’t turn on? One common issue is electronic ignitions not getting power. You should always start with checking the fuses and breakers in modern homes.  Overloaded circuits could be a problem if your fireplace is not alone on the breaker.

Keeping your fireplace on a single breaker will ensure that your fireplace won’t trip a breaker, or blow a fuse.

If your gas fireplace has an electronic ignition check or replace the fuse.  While if it is on a breaker, turn the breaker all the way off and then back on again.

Sometimes this is an easy way to fix a gas fireplace that won’t turn on. Don’t forget to check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to light your electric ignition fireplace by battery pack, useful in emergency situations.

My gas fireplace won’t light, but I have a spark at the ignitor, what do I do?

First eliminate any fuel issues. A stuck valve or a issue with the gas regulator at your tank will reduce the reliability of your fireplace. The gas fireplace pilot light is out. If you don’t see a flame, try lighting the pilot light yourself. You can may bypass the electronic ignition and manual light the following your service technician’s instructions.

Cold drafts from outside can blow your pilot out.

While relighting your pilot will get your gas fireplace back on.  You will to have your fireplace vent cap inspected.

Sometimes gaps, holes or just an insecure vent cap will cause downdrafts.  If you do not a vent cap contact your service technician to install a vent cap.

If your vent cap is present and secure you may purchase a draft stopper to stop the cold draft coming down your chimney and blowing out your pilot light.

Sometimes the pilot light has simply blown out. If a visual inspection shows no flame, try lighting your pilot again.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely. Bypass an electronic ignition, if necessary, with a manual lighting method.

Your gas insert may have a bad thermopile if the pilot light starts to flicker and light but then it just goes out.

This is a repair that will require a professional fireplace service specialist to replace a faulty thermopile. Gas logs and fireplaces thermopiles’ go out after a few years. It’s due to normal wear and tear.

You can extend the life of your gas fireplace and thermopile by performing a gas fireplace maintenance yearly.

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