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True Science Behind Dirty Air Filters Inside Your Home

HVAC Techs in Alexandria, VA Share Why It’s So Important to Deal With Dirty Air Filters

  • How Dirty Air Filters Lead to Larger Problems

Ever walked into the house, taken a deep breath, and thought “oh, that doesn’t seem normal.” Sometimes, taking a deep breath can help homeowners realize that their air quality is not so great. Maybe it feels too damp, maybe it smells musty, or maybe it makes them cough because they breathed in a little too much dust or pollen floating around the air.

Air quality is extremely important in a home and the benefits of clean air are limitless. Sometimes, homeowners will try to take the cheap route to fix their air quality. They’ll try to clean their disposable air filters so they don’t have to buy new ones. Or they’ll fix one small piece of the HVAC system rather than improving the system as a whole. Unfortunately, these are not good solutions, and end up hurting them in the future.

  • Health Issues Caused by Dirty Air Filters

There are many potential health hazards due to dirty air filters. This is especially true for those who have allergies, asthma, or respiratory illnesses. Even the smallest level of dust, dirt, or pollen can set off a chain reaction and cause some serious health concerns.

Air filters help to trap dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants so they don’t continue to travel throughout the home. When filters are too dirty and full, they can’t trap additional contaminants, so these contaminants start to make their way through the home.

This can cause health problems such as itchy eyes, headaches, dizziness, congestion, and trouble breathing. Homeowners should take the responsibility of cleaning the air filters very seriously to protect the health of others in the home.

  • Best Way to Clean Air Filters

Believe it or not, the best way to start cleaning air filters is to not begin at all, just replace them. Many homeowners will try to clean their disposable air filters and reuse them to save money by not buying new ones. Some will try to vacuum their air filters or use a hose to suck out the dirt and dust. The problem with this is that a vacuum can’t reach the inner fibers of the filter.

Dust, pollen, and dirt get trapped deep within the air filter and a vacuum doesn’t have the power to eliminate them all. When these particles aren’t removed, they can block air from passing through the filter, making the HVAC system less efficient.

Some have also tried to clean the air filters by using water. But using water can actually encourage mold growth, and can spread the mold spores throughout the home over time. Shaking the air filter won’t clean it either. In fact, it can damage the integrity of the filter by loosening the density of the fibers. So to conclude, don’t try to clean disposable air filters. Just replace them. The HVAC system will be thankful for it.

How to Get an Air Quality Upgrade

When homeowners are looking to improve the air quality in the home by upgrading the air filters they use, it’s best to consult a professional. If the air filter is the main source of the air quality problem in the house, switching the air filters may be the best solution.

However, in many cases, the air filter is just one piece of the puzzle contributing to poor air quality. It’s better to get a full air quality cleanse than just a partial one with remaining dust and new chemicals mixed into the air.

Working with an HVAC professional can help homeowners understand the issues their home is facing when it comes to air quality and what course of action will be the best solution for their specific situation.

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