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Little-Known Ways To Better Indoor Air Quality At Work

Ensuring that breathable indoor air quality is the best possible may prove to be a hassle for the average business owner.

When cramped schedules and hectic work days materialize to become the everyday routine, a business owner may be hard pressed to prowl the office to throw open windows or check ventilation ducts to guarantee their proper functioning.

Fairfax County’s local government ordains all of the above a legal responsibility of business owners that may operate in office spaces. These jurisdictions and guidelines ensure the overall well-being and health of all employees present within the workplace and ensure that they are breathing in the quality of air that is best for their bodies and comfort.

Business owners should not, however, directly translate into harried business owners individually deciding to take on the office’s HVAC system or clean the ventilation system out.

Professional companies offer this service – alongside a range of others – in ways which allow them to take full control of the cleaning reigns, and let the business owner or average employee go about their daily work.

Such professional services offer a range of products and facilities, which selected according to some variables.

A typical company may take the total office size, some employees, and outdoor air into account when choosing the best IAQ products and cleaning services suited to a workplace.

Purchasing an Air Scrubber

These are only provided by professional HVAC companies and are best suited for smaller office spaces were opening windows may not prove to be a viable alternative. These filtration systems act as purifiers for indoor air. The machine is installed at your HVAC system and the air is passed and filtered through the air scrubber.

The air that expels is clean, free of harmful contaminants, and completely safe and fresh to inhale.

Investing in a UV Light Object Purifier

A typical Ultraviolet (UV) Light Object Purifier is a product that many HVAC companies keep in stock.  NADCA-approved contractors may run the services of a UV-based sanitizer if there are individual spaces and areas within the HVAC system that will require thorough cleaning to prevent regrowth. Install the device over coils after they have been professionally cleaned. This odor is usually a testament to a germ or microbe infestation on the object in question.

The UV light both prevents and destroys any microbial presence or growth on the coils. 3 Secrets to Keep Your Ducts Clean Forever.

Preventative measures

Following standard health and safety guidelines may prove to go a long way in ensuring the quality of indoor air. Particularly appropriate for larger workplaces, where daily tasks may revolve around industrial manufacturing involving harmful substances. The correct handling, usage, and disposal of such materials must be carefully related to all workers, and protective gear supplied. Strictly observe general cleanliness and minimize clutter.

If objects in the workplace are prone to attract microbial growth, it would be beneficial to invest in a air scrubber system that cleans the surfaces of the space!

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