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How To Know If I Have A Broken Heater When Its Blowing Cold Air?

Signs to Determine if Your Heater is Broken

Many times people run into problems with their heater and automatically assume that they have a broken heating system. If that is the case, this can be a very expensive problem.

However, there are many things that homeowners overlook when taking care of their heater that could lead to some of these problems. In many instances, homeowners can troubleshoot through some of the problems and save a bundle of money.

Check the Settings of the Furnace

One quick place to start is with the settings of the basic furnace. Many times someone could have changed the settings on the thermostat. A lot of people think they need to turn the system onto cool when all they wanted was to turn on the fan.

People who have a smart thermostat could also bump the screen at any time to change a setting. Be sure to ensure that the fan setting is turned off and that the heater is not blowing out unnecessary cold air and increasing your bill.

  • Overheated Furnace

An overheated furnace is a more serious problem that could result in having to replace the furnace. There are a few factors that you might start to notice if this is happening. The first is a burning smell that comes from the vents.

Many times when you turn your furnace on for the first time, you will smell a very normal startup smell. This smell should be different than that. A second thing you may notice is noises coming from the furnace. This is a sign that the blower motor is receiving what it needs to start but it is not operating to its full potential.

Finally, you notice that the furnace does not start up again. They have built-in safety measures that will shut off the furnace if it gets too hot. An overheated furnace is a perfect time to call in help from a professional.

  • Impact of Dirty Air Filters

One final indication that your furnace is not working properly is the air filters are clogged up. When an air filter is dirty, it blocks airflow over the heat exchanger. When this happens, the furnace will overheat. Safety switches are in place to turn the furnace burners off so that catastrophic damage does not occur.

Once you have turned off the furnace from the thermostat, check the filter to see how dirty it is. It may be as simple as changing the air filter to fix all of your problems, while you also purify the air in your home. Some other common symptoms to look out for include high energy costs, foul smells, and low airflow in certain areas of your home.

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