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Gas Fireplace Sales and Repair in Northern Virginia


NICE is your gas heat experts with lots of systems, accessories, and services
     A full selection of popular Gas fireplaces
     Expert gas fireplace repair
     Essential Gas fireplace cleaning
     Attractive gas fireplace logs
     And MUCH MORE!

Cold weather is upon us and it’s time to make sure you have the most efficient heat possible. Time and again gas fireplaces and related heating systems are proven to be an economical and highly efficient option.

Imagine curling up next to your clean gas fireplace with your favorite book and a pet. It’s the perfect way to spend a chilly evening, weekend, or a day off. Here at NICE we specialize in all types of gas fireplaces, service, and repair. We can make your gas or liquid propane fireplace a fun and practical reality.

You get continuous heat with your gas fireplace. Unlike wood fireplaces and stoves, gas give you steady heat that does not vary, get too intense, or dwindle over time. You can set it and forget it to keep your room at your perfect temperature. This also saves lots of energy as your room doesn’t get too hot or too cold needing a burst of heat to warm it back up.

Gas fireplace also don’t give off sparks. That means you don’t have the fire danger of many other types of heating. Gas heat keeps your family and possessions safe and can reduce insurance costs. Gas fireplaces are the number one choice for families with children or pets. Both are safe from sparks and uncontrolled flame.

Best of all, Nice Heating & Air can install your gas fireplace at a much lower cost than overpriced competition. The cost of getting up and running with attractive, comfortable gas heat is much more affordable.

Our service department can help with cleaning, repair, blown out pilot lights, gas fireplace parts, thermocouple, thermopile, and vented gas fireplace systems to name a few. Don’t live in cold and frustration. If your existing gas fireplace is having problems, give NICE a call. Our experienced and fully trained technicians can get you up and running quickly.

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