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Heating & Furnace Repair in Lorton, VA

Having your heater or furnace inspected and serviced every year is the best way to keep it running efficiently. Call Nice Heating & Air and ask about our furnace maintenance and tune up services today!

When your furnace or heater works overtime to keep your family comfortable during the winter, it takes a toll on the entire system. That’s why it’s vital you perform regular maintenance during the offseason to avoid total failure when you depend on your system the most. Call Nice Heating & Air today for a complete inspection and tune-up of your system.

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Heating Repair in Lorton

At Nice Heating & Air, we know how hard it is to go without the essential comfort of your heating system. Be wary of:

  • Total heater failure
  • Your eater blowing out cold air
  • Diminished airflow
  • Heater not keeping room the right temperature

If you notice any of these signs, call us for prompt heating repair so we can get your home nice and warm again. And if you smell gas, evacuate your home immediately.

Is Your Furnace Failing? Here’s How to Know!

Winter is the worst time to find out your heater isn’t working, so it’s crucial you get to know the warning signs telling you there’s a problem and that you need to call a furnace service company for help before things get bad. Here are signs your heater is failing:

  • Unusual sounds like squealing or grinding
  • Unusual smells like mold or gas
  • Constant system short-cycling
  • Poor airflow
  • Furnace can’t maintain the temperature set by the thermostat

If you notice any of these signs or anything else out of the ordinary, call Nice Heating & Air at (703) 884-2376 to schedule repair service.

Don’t worry about the expense of hiring a heating contractor. We have many financing options to help you!

Tips to Keep Your Furnace in Tip-Top Shape

The key to keeping your furnace running smoothly and keeping your family comfortable all winter long is to maintain your unit regularly. Clean your filter every month and make sure your blower is functioning. Also, insulate your home to reduce the work your furnace has to do to keep you warm. Keep vents free from obstruction and if you have a gas furnace, make sure the flue is clear. Last, call a professional furnace service company once a year for regular inspection and maintenance to keep your system running well and ensure it lasts a long time.

At Nice Heating & Air, we set our standards high because your satisfaction is our top priority. Call today in the Lorton, VA area at (703) 884-2376.

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