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Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Serving Northern Virginia & DMV Area

When you need an AC installation in or around Springfield, VA, count on our team at Nice Heating & Air. We offer upfront pricing, and we’ve been trusted by many homeowners to get their new air conditioner installed right.

The last thing we want is for you to get caught without air conditioning during a hot, sticky summer day. Make sure you have a reliable AC unit installed before the hot weather hits! For air conditioning replacement in the Springfield area, call Nice Heating & Air.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a New AC System?

air conditioner fan after installation with NICE heating and airThere are many benefits to installing a new air conditioning system. For one, you have peace of mind knowing it’s unlikely your AC unit will break down unexpectedly during the summer months, resulting in repairs and an uncomfortable home. There are also additional advantages, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency, which can also result in lower utility bills.
  • Maximum indoor climate control to allow your home to cool evenly.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Longer life span than older models.
  • New technology and features.

At Nice Heating & Air, we’ll make sure the entire process goes smoothly from start to finish. Whether we’re helping you replace an older, less efficient system or finding the perfect new system to install in a new home, we’re the team Springfield trusts for the best in air conditioning installations and replacements.

Ask our experts about ductless mini-split AC systems for an alternative choice to traditional AC systems.

The Top Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioning System

A common dilemma we’re often called upon to help homeowners address is whether to repair or replace an AC unit. When your air conditioning system malfunctions, it can be difficult to determine when the system can be repaired and when it’s time to replace it. Let one of our highly experienced technicians examine your system and give you our honest opinion! You can also look for these signs that can indicate it’s time to install a new AC system:

  • Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old.
  • Your AC system is losing efficiency and is resulting in higher utility bills.
  • Your home is not reaching the desired cooling temperature.
  • Your air conditioning systems have recently needed multiple repairs.
  • Your AC system needs a major repair, such as a new motor or compressor.
  • Your air conditioner leaks.
  • You hear strange sounds coming from the air conditioner that could be an issue with your motor.
  • You feel cold air coming out of the unit, but it's not blowing as strongly as it should.

Should You Choose AC Repair or AC Replacement?

When possible, AC repair is usually the most cost-effective option. If your system is less than 10 years old and only has a minor problem, like a faulty thermostat or a defective contactor, repairs are often the way to go. If your system is older than 10 years, has frequent problems, or has a major failure, like a faulty compressor or a leaking coil, it may be more cost-efficient to replace the entire system, especially when you consider the energy savings that a more efficient air conditioner can provide. At Nice Heating & Air, we can evaluate your AC unit and recommend the best repair or replacement options for your situation and budget.

AC Options for Your Northern Virginia Home

Modern air conditioners offer a variety of features and options that can make them the perfect fit for your Northern Virginia home. At Nice Heating & Air, our most popular air conditioning options for new AC installations include:

  • Standard or high-efficiency designs – With SEER ratings that range from 14 to over 20, you can find the best balance of value, performance, and efficiency.
  • Single or variable-speed blowers – Single-speed blowers are simple and cost-effective, while variable-speed blowers can adjust more readily to your cooling needs and offer greater efficiency and less noise.
  • Single- or dual-stage cooling – Single-stage cooling offers cost-effective performance, while dual-stage cooling can match your cooling needs more effectively while helping you to save energy.
  • Standard or smart thermostats – With a new AC unit, you can choose from a nice and simple digital thermostat, a programmable thermostat, or a smart thermostat that offers Wi-Fi remote access, easy programming, greater energy savings, and more.

Signs You Need To Recharge Your Refrigerant

Is your air conditioning system running, but your home doesn’t feel cool? This is just one of the signs that you need to recharge your refrigerant. Other symptoms include:

  • The temperature in your home doesn’t correlate with the temperature you set your thermostat to.
  • The air conditioning system blows out warm or room temperature air.
  • You notice frost buildup on tubes, motors, and other parts of your AC system. If you notice frost buildup, contact professionals immediately to help you fix the problem. Coolants are gaseous in nature and might cause harm when handled inappropriately.

AC experts can help inspect your air conditioning system to determine if the issues you are experiencing are caused by a lack of refrigerant. If needed, professionals can then add more refrigerant.

AC Installation FAQs

Most air conditioning systems last about 10 years, while some can last over 20.

That will depend on the size of your home, its cooling requirements, and your budget. The system must be closely matched to your home and your needs to be efficient and reliable.

For the best performance, efficiency, and reliability, have your air conditioner professionally serviced at least once a year.

The installation cost will depend on the efficiency and features of the system you choose, the labor costs, parts costs, and more. At Nice Heating & Air, we offer great financing options that make AC installations and replacements nice, easy, and affordable.

You can install your own window unit, but a central air conditioner installation requires advanced knowledge, experience, and the proper credentials for handling refrigerants legally and safely.

Long-Lasting Cooling Solutions

Nice Heating & Air customizes services to match your specific home and lifestyle. We work closely with you, determining proper sizing, explaining options, and offering a wide range of innovative features to enhance the enjoyment and usability of your Springfield home. We recommend only those products with proven track records and remain current with cutting-edge technology. Take advantage of features such as zone control, variable-speed operation, and Wi-Fi accessibility to trim monthly costs and improve everyday life.

There is simply no challenge the team from Nice Heating & Air can’t handle, and through extensive experience and training, we complete all projects without delays or major disruption to your home. Nice Heating & Air is the key to superior summer comfort across Alexandria, VA.

The areas we service

We provide AC repair services in most of Northern Virginia. Below is a list of specific locations. For a full list, go to our service area page.

  • Annandale
  • Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Burke
  • Centreville
  • Chantilly
  • Dale City
  • Fairfax
  • Falls Church
  • Franconia
  • Great Falls
  • Lake Ridge
  • Lorton
  • Manassas
  • Manassas Park
  • McLean
  • Merrifield
  • Montclair
  • Newington
  • North Springfield
  • Oakton
  • Reston
  • Springfield
  • Tysons Corner
  • Vienna
  • Upper Marlboro
  • West Springfield
  • Woodbridge
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