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Nice Gas Log Fireplace Services

Serving Northern Virginia & the DMV Area

Gas log fireplaces are a cozy way to add comfort and beauty to your home when colder temperatures arrive. When you need maintenance, repairs, or installations, Nice Heating & Air is ready to help. Our certified HVAC specialists provide superior gas fireplace services in Alexandria, Springfield, and throughout Northern Virginia! 

Contact us online or call us at (703) 884-2376 for professional gas log fireplace services in the DMV area today! 

Gas Fireplace Installation & Replacement in Northern Virginia

Gas fireplaces are a cost-effective, ecologically friendly alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. They will provide exceptional comfort and reliable operation year after year, and our team can install a wide range of top-quality gas fireplaces. Our installation and replacement processes adhere to the strictest quality standards, and we guarantee compliance with all regional building codes and warranty requirements.

Here are a few things to know about gas log fireplace installation: 

  • You do not need a chimney to have a gas log fireplace installed. 
  • During installation, our HVAC and plumbing professionals will install gas lines and hookups, secure the intakes, and add the burner. 
  • When the main system is positioned and hooked up, we will carefully and aesthetically place the logs. Once they are set, we will add sand and rocks to facilitate even heat distribution.
  • We can add glowing embers for a more natural appearance. 
  • We can convert your traditional wood-burning fireplace into a gas log system. 

Do you have more questions about our gas log fireplace installation process? Contact us online or call (703) 884-2376.

What Are The Top Signs You Need a New Gas Fireplace? 

Gas fireplaces typically last for 10 to 15 years before you need to replace the system. This depends on how often you use the fireplace, how well it is maintained, and the manufacturing quality. When the time comes, we will remove your old system and replace it with a modern, energy-efficient, eco-friendly replacement.

Common signs you should replace your gas fireplace include:

  • Frequent problems with the pilot light
  • A rotten egg smell rising from your gas fireplace
  • Excessive soot buildups
  • Frequent and unexpected shut-off
  • Increasingly costly or frequent repairs

Call Nice Heating & Air at (703) 884-2376 to discuss your replacement options with our gas fireplace installation professionals. 

Gas Fireplace Repair & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your gas log fireplace in good repair. We recommend servicing your system once every year. Our thorough maintenance checks include:

  • Inspecting the gas log fireplace for gas leaks and fire hazards
  • Gently wiping down the gas logs to remove dust, dirt, and residue
  • Cleaning the wire connections
  • Inspecting the gasket to look for cracks or missing pieces
  • Checking your unit’s exterior vent for debris and removing any buildup

What Are Common Gas Fireplace Issues?

Gas fireplaces are strong and sturdy, but they are not immune from damage. As time passes and wear and tear become apparent, you may notice operational issues. The sooner these are repaired, the sooner you can get back to relaxing by the fire.

Some of the most common gas log fireplace issues we encounter include:

  • Lack of maintenance, cleanings, and inspections
  • Dead batteries
  • Gas leaks
  • Air in the gas line
  • Carbon monoxide leaks

Call Nice Heating & Air for Northern VA Gas Fireplace Services

At Nice Heating & Air, we believe that every client deserves exceptional quality and reliable results. Our certified plumbers and HVAC specialists can ensure your gas fireplace delivers dependable comfort. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our workmanship and service! When you entrust your systems to our professionals, you can rest assured we will treat you fairly and with integrity every step of the way.

It is our pleasure to keep your Northern Virginia home nice and cozy all winter. Call our expert fireplace technicians at (703) 884-2376 today to schedule service for your gas fireplace in Alexandria, Lorton, Springfield, Woodbridge, or Alexandria!

Gas Fireplace FAQs

Considering installing a gas log fireplace in your Springfield-area home? Here are some of the benefits of choosing a gas fireplace over a traditional wood fireplace:

  • Realistic looking – Modern gas log fireplaces can look incredibly realistic and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Cost-effective – Natural gas is a relatively inexpensive form of energy.
  • Eco-friendly – Gas logs produce fewer emissions because they burn natural gas or propane.
  • Safer than burning wood – Wood-burning fireplaces come with a lot of safety risks, unlike gas fireplaces.
  • Fast and easy to use – Gas logs are incredibly simple and can be lit with just the touch of a button or lighting a match.

No, you don’t. This only directly applies to an unvented gas log system, not to a vented gas log system. Vented gas systems still require some sort of vent, but it does not need to be a chimney.

All gas fireplace systems, vented and unvented, are completely safe for pets. Absolutely no fumes, particles, or other air pollutants are released into the home. 

One of the major advantages of a gas fireplace system is its energy efficiency. Wood-burning fireplaces need a large amount of fuel (wood) to produce only a moderate amount of radiant heat. They also produce sooty carbon byproducts that are bad for the environment.

Gas fireplace systems are very energy-efficient. All of the fuel they burn is directly converted into heat and light. Gas log fireplaces only require a small amount of fuel to produce a large amount of radiant heat.  

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