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Gas Log Fireplace Services in Alexandria and Springfield

When your gas log fireplace needs to be repaired, replaced or installed, call Nice Heating & Air. We provide service to the Alexandria and Springfield, VA areas.

Gas log fireplaces are a cozy way to add comfort to your home when colder temperatures arrive. Don’t get caught with a malfunctioning fireplace this winter. For all of your gas log fireplace needs — from repairs to replacements and installations — call Nice Heating & Air. We provide service to the Alexandria and Springfield, VA areas.

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Benefits of Gas Log Fireplaces Over Wood Fireplaces

When installing a fireplace you have the option between a gas log unit and a wood-burning fireplace. There can be several benefits to opting for a gas log fireplace:

  • By the simple push of a switch or remote, the gas logs can provide quick, even heat throughout the room.
  • Gas log fireplaces don’t require the matches, tinder, kindling and wood that traditional fireplaces do.
  • Wood fireplaces have an added operating cost of needing to buy firewood.
  • Gas log fireplaces don’t require you to store firewood — and keep it dry — like wood fireplaces do.
  • Gas log fireplaces can be safer than wood-burning units, as stray embers from wood fireplaces could cause harm to your family and your home.

How to Maintain a Gas Log Fireplace

While gas log fireplaces don’t require messy cleanup like wood fireplaces do with sweeping out ash or burnt wood, or cleaning the flue and chimney, there is still routine maintenance you should perform on the unit to ensure it continues to function properly:

  • Have a professional inspect the gas log fireplace for gas leaks and potential fire hazards.
  • Gently wipe down the gas logs to remove dust, dirt and residue.
  • Have a professional clean the wire connections.
  • At least once a month, clean the glass door.
  • Have a professional inspect the gasket to look for cracks or missing pieces.
  • If your gas fireplace is vented, have a professional check your unit’s outside vent for debris. Any buildup should be removed. During a service appointment, the expert should also ensure the vent is not damaged.

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How Are Gas Log Fireplaces Installed?

When opting for a gas log fireplace, you might have questions about how the unit will be installed. For example, do I need to have a chimney? How will the logs be displayed? Here are answers to a few common questions about gas log fireplace installations:

  • You do not need a chimney to have a gas log fireplace installed.
  • During the installation, the professional will install gas lines and hookups, secure the intakes and add the burner.
  • When the main system is in place and hooked up, the professional will carefully place the logs in an aesthetically pleasing way. After the logs are set, he or she will then add sand and rocks to evenly distribute heat.
  • If you’re worried about your gas log fireplace not looking natural, you can ask the professionals to add glowing embers to make it look more authentic.
  • It is possible to convert your traditional fireplace into a gas log system. To do this, professionals can make sure your existing unit is rated for use with vented logs.

Quick, Easy and Professional Service

While gas-burning fireplaces are beautiful, convenient, and low maintenance compared to a wood-burning alternative, there are still potential problems that can occur. As with any type of heating system, annual troubleshooting is recommended by all manufacturers. The qualified technicians from Nice Heating & Air work on all brands and are equipped with the leading-edge equipment to properly clean all components, test for functionality, ensure adequate ventilation, and resolve potential concerns. By keeping your fireplace in peak condition, we enhance comfort, save you time, and protect your safety. Leave the work, worry, and responsibility of your gas fireplace in our capable hands.  We provide conscientious service throughout Fairfax County.

Is your gas log fireplace malfunctioning, or need to be replaced? For all of your repair, replacement and installation needs call Nice Heating & Air at (703) 436-8133 for service in the Alexandria and Springfield, VA areas.