Easy Breezy Oldest AC Contest

Your Old AC Could Win You a Brand New, Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner!

Are you holding on to an old AC unit that’s seen better days? Now’s your chance to turn that procrastination into cool comfort with Nice Heating & Air!

For our ‘Easy Breezy Oldest AC Contest’, we’re looking for the oldest AC units out there. You just need to snap a picture of your ancient unit and text it to us. You could be randomly selected to receive a FREE, energy-efficient air conditioner!

Enter the Contest Today!

Isn’t it delightful when procrastination pays off? Your ancient AC kept far beyond its expected lifetime, could turn into a brand-new system overnight.  But that’s not all – every participant wins! Each entry will receive a special discount certificate towards a new, energy-efficient air conditioner.

Don’t miss your chance to make your house nice and cool for years.

Enter the contest today!

Get ready to say goodbye to your old AC and hello to a summer of comfortable, energy-efficient cooling. From all of us at Nice Heating & Air, good luck!

(See the contest rules below for complete details.)

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Easy Breezy Oldest AC Contest Rules


  1. To participate in the Contest, submit the online entry form. All required fields must be completed to constitute a valid entry. To be eligible to participate in this contest, all individuals must complete the official entry form.
  2. The winning entry must be for a home located within the Nice Heating and Air service area. A list of cities within our service area can be found on our website.
  3. The AC unit must be in use and working condition.
  4. All eligible entrants must be 21+ and own and occupy the home in which the old AC is located.
  5. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same email address. Entries submitted may not be acknowledged or returned.  Proof of submission of an entry shall not be deemed proof of receipt by the Contest administrator.
  6. Entrants may submit one entry form per house.
  7. Entrants will be required to complete the full online entry form, including first and last name, a valid email address, phone number, street, city, and zip code in which the home resides. Nice Heating & Air, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any entrant that does not complete the online form in full.


  1. The air conditioning unit must be in use and in working condition.
  2. All eligible entrants must own and occupy the home in which the old air conditioning is located.
  3. The Contest is open to homeowners who are 21 years of age or older as of the date of the entry of the Contest, who are legal US residents, and who submit an entry for a home located in within the Nice Heating and Air service area.
  4. Winners must possess a valid ID to show proof of residency.
  5. Nice Heating & Air employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter the contest.
  6. Any individuals who have already purchased a AC are not eligible to participate in this contest. No refunds will be issued to individuals who have already purchased equipment, and these individuals will not be eligible for any discounts or refunds in connection with this contest.


  1. One prize will be awarded to the winning entrant. The prize consists of a single zone Rheem brand air conditioning unit, including delivery and installation as described below.
  2. Removal of existing equipment. Reconnect to existing ductwork, make an airtight plenum transition, and seal all new ducts with mastic.
  3. Reconnect electrical ( Not responsible for the condition of existing electrical lines).
  4. Reconnect the condensate drain system ( Not responsible for the condition of the existing condensate drain. )
  5. Meet all code requirements, including pulling all necessary permits and helping to arrange inspections when possible.
  6. Complete system check, test, and start-up.
  7. The manufacturer provides a 10-year parts warranty to the original winner only.
  8. Nice Heating & Air will provide a 2- year labor warranty with the installation.


  1. The “Easy Breezy Oldest AC Contest” is open to owner-occupied, single-family homes.
  2. Entrants must be 21 years or older.
  3. Entrants must own the home entered in the contest and reside within the Nice Heating & Air service area.
  4. To enter, snap a picture of your AC system, text it with your full name to (571) 348-0703, and follow the instructions to fill out the entry form.
  5. Entries must be received by August 12th, 2023.
  6. All decisions are final.
  7. The winner will be randomly selected on August 15th, 2023, and will be notified directly before any media announcements.
  8. The winner will be posted online at our website (web address here) by August 17th, 2023.
  9. The winning entry will receive a free, energy-efficient air conditioner, including installation and permits.
  10. Any necessary improvements to meet current building and mechanical codes that are above a normal residential installation may incur additional charges, the
  11. scope of which will be determined at the time of the site visit.
  12. The winning entry agrees to allow Nice Heating & Air to use images and likenesses of the old and new unit, the homeowner’s name, and photo in promotional materials.
  13. The prize is non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.
  14. No entry fee or purchase is required.
  15. Employees of Nice Heating & Air and their family members are not eligible.